Is This a New Fashion Era?

For all of its sordid beauty and tantalizing offerings, fashion history has always been a curious and somewhat skeptical enterprise. “New Moon” was an awe-inspiring event, but fashionistas doubted whether the power of new ideas would compensate for the failures and drawbacks of a style that had already been born. Luckily, “New Moon” lived up to its spectacular promise. This year’s fashion show, “Fashion No,” promises even greater things.

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The year’s festivities kicked off with a bang as the cast of “New Moon” released a new video. The tenacious lead singer and her dancers dazzled audiences everywhere with their cutting-edge dance moves. A new video was not enough for the packed house. The cast also performed a dazzling array of pop songs, ranging from the retro-rock “Laguna Beach Fever” to the smooth “Chante’s Got A Man.”


The fun didn’t end there. Costume contests were equally as mind-blowing. From the banal to the over-the-top, everyone was sure to take home the prize money. Stars such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson made an appearance, along with many other well-known faces.


While the crowd was busy getting excited about the big event, the actual fashion festivities themselves were impressive and stylish. Hairstylists and stylists demonstrated their latest techniques and talents before the crowd. Of course, there were plenty of pictures to be taken, but nothing could compare to the firsthand experience of watching a stylist at work. It’s always great to see these talented people in action.


As the evening wound down, the celebrities headed for the stage. What they brought with them was a dazzling line of costumes, which made everyone who didn’t dress up for Halloween feel like an alien. Even those whooped at the dance performances. The crowd went wild when it came time for Britney Spears to perform. Every little thing she did on stage was a performance.


Jessica Simpson is a fan of black, shiny pieces. This year, her collection included black-and-white checks. This year, there are two checks in the collection: the black and white “olutions” check that was designed to mimic the famous dress worn by Simpson on “The New Edition” reality show. The second check in the collection was designed to look like a polka dot check. There are no details on what that design will entail, but it looks great.


Britney Spears took the stage looking like a million dollars. Her ensemble was inspired by both her music and her personal life. Her ensemble consisted of a glittery, metallic jacket, a silver strapless top and black skinny jeans. The jacket was intricately designed and included a brooch at the center in the shape of a cross.


Evolving from her previous ensembles, Britney strutted her stuff once again. However, the look she chose was not quite as dramatic as the prior outfits. Her look simply included large bracelets on her wrists, with the larger ones pointing in different directions. While the sparkle and shine were present on both of her ensembles, the simplicity of the style seemed to be lacking.


Not content to rest on her laurels, the next woman up for the crown belonged to someone with less of a celebrity status. That person was Selena Gomez. Her outfit was inspired by hip hop. The clothes were cool, but not over the top. They also were not long, so they did not have to be dragging along behind her all of the time.


Neither of these ladies wore very much in the way of makeup, and neither of them made any major fashion statement. Neither showed up with bags full of accessories, nor with their hair down. But there was something about these ladies that the fashion world was able to focus on. They displayed a sense of class and poise that has been missing from some of the previous fashion shows put on by this fashion giant. Their attire was not the expensive adorableness that many of the fashion heavyweights wear, but their presence was still felt.


While we wait for the Fashion Nova Collection to make an appearance on the red carpet, there are a few other designers who have shown some new style. Tom Ford is one designer who has created some fabulous looks using the new fabrics that he is using. Calvin Klein is another who has a line of clothing that is chic and understated but has also created a few items that are really funky. Marc Jacobs is a designer who has brought a fresh perspective to the designs that he is creating. Each of these men should be noted for their new lines.


All eyes are on the new Fashion Nova collection. The collection was not the only new line introduced by this fashion giant either. They introduced quite a few clothing items as well, but it appears that the fashion world is falling in love with the new line so much that they are planning more releases for this year. So, look out for the new Nova coming to stores around the world in the near future.

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