Information About Fashion Trends Back Then and Now

Information About Fashion Trends Back Then and Now

Let’s jump back to when fashion trends were popular since we’re talking about the early to mid-twentieth century. If you don’t know, fashion trends were the large-scale changes that happened in clothing design from year to year. For instance, the 1930s had a large focus on glamor and large sweaters, and that trend gradually faded as the world became a little more aware of working and job-oriented comfort. Fashion, in those days, was centered around the image you portrayed to the rest of the world. A woman could be a show-off with large sweaters, but that didn’t mean that she was actually working in a factory making sweaters.

fashion trends back then


The first thing we’re going to have to talk about are the major fashion trends that occurred back then. The first thing many people thought of were large sweaters. The most common type of sweater that people wore back then was a V-neck top that was either tight or loose-fitting. It wasn’t until the nineteen forties through the thirties that the top began to really take shape, with a variety of necklines, such as boxy, v-neck, and sweetheart.


Another one of the major fashion trends back then was pants. The first pant styles that were popular back then were akin to what we wear now, which were dark and bulky. These fashion pants were typically worn with black leather shoes, though some variations did see some variation. In other words, the fashion of the time meant that you didn’t want to just look like everyone else, you wanted to stand out a bit.


One of the most noticeable fashion trends back then was the rise of “hip” fashion, which was centered on shows like The Rose and The Breakfast Club. Shows like this gave fashion a chance to explore different fashion elements, as opposed to simply presenting one style. The Rose show was a prime example, as it featured several different fashion designers and performers, including Blondie, Dusty Springfield, and others from The Yardie spinoff. From this, many fashion elements became prominent in fashion trends back then, particularly when it came to hip-hop clothing.


Just as pants became popular, so did leather shoes. The fad for leather shoes came from the all-American California fashion scene and began in the early to mid-seventies. This again set the stage for many other trends to come, which would include skinny jeans, baggy pants, and more. The seventies fashion trends of the eighties saw much less focus on clothing but instead gave way to jewelry, fashion for the “celebrities”, and fashion trends for youth and college students.


Finally, the new decade of the twenty-first century marks the beginning of a new trend – one that would last the entire decade: hip-hop clothing. For the first time, hip-hop clothing was not a California thing but instead was seen throughout the United States and in places like Canada. It was also something that was embraced not only by black people but white people as well, because back then hip hop was seen as a way to make more money and not so much as a way to express cultural differences. Thus, it became a popular choice with everyone and faded out by the end of the decade.

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