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Fashion Trends – How Do They Change Throughout the Seasons?

fashion trends cycle

What is the fashion trends cycle? There isn’t a single person or even a group of people who can accurately predict what will be the next fashion trend. The truth is, no one can accurately predict fashion trends. Every year the fashion trends cycle goes by, there are new fashions being introduced, old fashions getting outdated, and new fashions coming to popularity. This means that every year there are new and old trends in fashion.


The fashion trends cycle follows the principle of what is known as the number one rule of fashion, which is: The more current the fashion, the older it is. So, in order for a fashion trend to stay alive, it must be able to catch on with a large enough portion of the population. When we look at this in a much more literal way, the more current a fashion is, the more people are going to wear it. This is not true with all fashions however. For instance, the most recent fashions are all about “reversing gravity” and showing off your assets. These types of fashion trends do not go along very well with older people or those who are considered middle class.


A couple of other things that go along with the fashion trends cycle are color trends. Some colors trend simply because they are more popular than others. Red is very popular during the holidays and near Valentine’s Day. Green, blue, yellow, and orange are all considered color trends as well. These color trends have been around forever and will never go out of style.


Another thing that is part of the fashion trends cycle is what is known as the “heel turn”. This refers to when high-fashion designers start to make their fall/winter collections. This is when people start to see their favorite fashion designers turn to the lower end of the fashion line and make these fashion lines more affordable. Many times high-end designers will make their fall/winter lines available at a much more reasonable price so that people can afford them.


One thing that people forget when it comes to the fashion trends cycle is a clothing size. Many times people purchase clothing that is either too big or too small for them. When it comes to men’s fashion trends there are two types of men’s fashion trends. The first type of men’s fashion trend is generally known as the skinny guy. The second type of men’s fashion trend is usually called the jock.


When it comes to women’s fashion trends there is more or less one type of style that seems to dominate each year. These fashion trends tend to be feminine and romantic. For example, many women love to wear flowing gowns that are reminiscent of the Victorian era. Other women enjoy wearing the flowing floor-length dresses that are reminiscent of the seventies.

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